Thursday, April 15, 2010

DC's Class is a WRAP!

Wow! Been a long time since the last post... Posting these in no particular order peeps! David Colman's class finished yesterday and what a great semester it was! These post are from our 2 projects given each semester. Then animals deal with a Noah's Ark theme and kids are a Hansel & Gretel theme in Medieval Times! I'm not posting everything, there's plenty of sketches of development in my sketchbook. No scanner, no love! Ready for the next semester! BRING IT!
BTW: If you haven't already heard, there's a blog called The Art Center featuring many artist sharing tips and techniques. David drew over my Rhino's and his critique of my work is posted over there. Check it out!

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Justin Rodrigues said...

Dude looks like you got a lot of great stuff out of this class. Im actually hoping to take it next semester. I'd love to see more!