Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blocking color..?

Like i said before.. I need help with the coloring! Basic color blocking for starters i guess.. Still experimenting with brushes in corel painter to get a nice texture of her body suit.

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Vanhoozerbot said...


I do like how this is turning out, but I would agree with the comments below about blocking in all of your color first. It really helps to be able to see everything laid out together... and it also makes your color choices a lot easier. You can find out what works together, and what colors do the best job of telling the story that you set out to tell. I also find it helpful to do a rough pass of the color, as a sort of "color rough." Don't worry about neatness or staying within any lines. Just slap the color down! That way you can play with it. Color over areas with new colors, explore the shadows and highlights... all while not worrying about getting anything "perfect." When you finally get something that you like, you can use it as a guide for your finished painting. Just a tip that I use. Try it sometime!